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    Tasha is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Fertility Expert. Following her own fertility struggles and subsequent birth of her two beautiful children, Tasha developed a passion for helping women conceive and carry healthy babies. Tasha is the Author of The Fertility Diet (2013) and The Vitamins Guide (2012) as well as the founder of the information hub Conceive, which provides expert information, articles, webinars and podcasts from leading fertility specialists from across the globe. She also works personally with individuals and couples to help them start or expand their families through her private consulting packages and Fertility for You program. Tasha is also the Director of Zycia, which means life, and provides the premium prenatal supplement Zycia Natal Nutrients, to promote and support life in it's earliest stages. Her motto is 'being the best Mum starts well before birth' and she is passionate about helping women and couples realise that potential.

    Tasha Jennings

    Naturopath, Nutritionist, Natural Fertility Specialist

What I will be sharing with you

Day 1 - Where it all starts

Today I will cover the biology of reproduction.  Not what you learnt in high school, but the important changes that are occuring within your body to make reproduction possible.  

Understanding this process and the changes that are occurring within your body and the unique timing of your fertile window, will enable you to better take control of your fertility health to improve your chances of conceiving and carrying your healthy baby

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Day 2 - The crucial 90 days

Today I will explain the importance of the 90 day period prior to conception, where you have the opportunity to improve the health of the DNA you pass on to your future child.  This not only improves your chances of a healthy conception and pregnancy, but can help improve the lifelong health of your future child.

Day 3 - Folate v Folic acid.  The important difference 

Today I discuss one of the most well-known and one of the most important prenatal nutrients, folate.  You will learn why folate is a key to healthy reproductive outcomes as well as the important difference between folate and folic acid which may be hindering your chances of conceiving.

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Day 4 - Vitamin D - the pro-hormone 

Today you will learn about a nutrient which is proving important across a range of health conditions, but is particularly important for fertility health and that’s Vitamin D. 

I will explain why it is often referred to as a pro-hormone due to its vital role within the reproductive system.  I will cover supplementation vs sunlight vs dietary sources and provide you with a clear path on how you can check and support your vitamin D levels.

Day 5 - Choline - the unknown prenatal nutrient

Today I will explain the importance of one of the lesser known key prenatal nutrients, choline.

You will learn why choline is so important for healthy cellular development and especially for healthy neural tube and brain development.  You will also learn why most people are deficient and how you can start boosting your levels today.

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Plus your bonus next steps to ensure you keep up the momentum of these 5 days to help you conceive and carry your healthy baby.

What Others Are Saying

“Tasha Jennings is a passionate and engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge to share from both professional and personal experience. I highly recommend making time to see her speak if you have the opportunity. It will change your life – and your outcomes!”

Director - Fertile Ground Health Group

Charmaine Dennis

“Tasha is a dedicated, knowledgeable and well renowned expert in the fertility field. Her passion and commitment in educating others is clearly evident in her presentations. She is well researched, evidence based and meticulous in her public speaking. I highly recommend Tasha as a fascinating, interactive and compelling public speaker with a diverse knowledge base.”

IVF Nurse Educator

Lauren Frail

“I found out that I was suffering from endometriosis and I also had high natural killer cells. I was told it would be difficult to me to conceive with a high risk of miscarriage. I felt confused and I was very anxious about my ability to have a family. That was the point I decided to seek Tasha's help. I am now pregnant expecting my first baby to arrive in few months! I have already recommended Tasha's program to friends with fertility issues.”